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Siraphyn was founded over 10 years ago as a Creative Agency by Christopher Clarke & Christian Fea. For many years the company serviced the Hollywood Entertainment Industry with many clients, such as: 21st Century Fox, Columbia Tri-Star, MGM, Sony, Sony Music, Universal Studios, NBC, HBO, Lionsgate, and many more…

After 2006, Siraphyn partnered with BrainSoup Studios (originally founded by David Bonnabel & Christopher Clarke, and later Damon Cason Reiser), re-uniting the Creative Teams that split in 2002. Back together again the companies moved deeper into Entertainment, Online and budding mobile spaces. However in 2009 when the economy crashed it closed these 2 companies for good… or what was thought to be “for good”...

In 2017 Siraphyn rose from the ashes and re-imaged itself as a parent company to a few exciting new brands.

Siraphyn is now focused on growing companies that center around “Satisfaction, Passion & Love”. From food & drink to pets to dating, we’re focused on what makes most people happy.

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Our Brands

Someone once said, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life..."
that is the driving philosophy behind all our brands.

EvilBeaver BBQ & Brew
Urban Pet Company
Today's Sugar - Online Dating

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